Albert Aylers fröhliche Philosophie, ein erprobtes Hilfsmittel, um den Tag in der geeigneten Stimmung anzufangen.

Again comes the rising of the sun

Another day when we’ve begun

The unfinished chores of yesterday

We set about to find our way

We always finish and begin

We go through life until the end

And here are the things we do

We build it up, and tear it down

We start all over, and make it round

We can make it short, make it long

Before we know it, the time is gone

But tomorrow is always another day

Yes we keep going the same old way

But again comes the rising of the sun

Another day when our work has begun

We look for the better things in life

Seeking to find an answer day and night

Always studying and planning to make a profit

And in the end we sometimes wonder if it’s worth it